Expert Packing Tips To Make Your Move A Success

After you have decided to move, chosen the living place, sorted the time and day, the next step you need to focus on is the packing. Packing is the smart art that can help you many ways during your move. If done the right way, it can help you save bucks thus transforming your moving ordeal into a seamless experience that you would cherish your lifetime!

Here are the expert packing tips for a successful move:

1. Start Packing Early

Doing things early would ease out the last minute stress. Start packing as soon as possible from the day your move has been confirmed. Sort your stuff; pack the items that you want to take along with you to your new place, donate or sell away the items that are still usable but you don’t want to use again, and, discard the stuff that is of no use to you as well as to any other person. When you start packing, keep in mind to pack the seasonal stuff in the end. If it is summer currently, pack all the winter stuff first.

2. Watch the weight and volume of your belongings

Keep a check on the weight and volume of your belongings. The greater the weight of the shipment, the greater would be the cost of your move. Pack only what you require in your new place. Don’t make your boxes too heavy as they can break. Use the following approach to take care of the volume and weight of everything you pack:

  • If possible, fill the boxes with a mixture of light and heavy goods to maintain a good balance.
    Make use of small boxes to pack heavy items such as books and the dishware.

  • Don’t put heavy items on the top of the box, this can lead to the damaging of other stuff. Always load on the top.

  • This box packing strategy will help you minimize the number of boxes thus reducing the cost of moving.

3. Household Items to protect fragile belongings

Your household items are of great use when packing your stuff for the move. Bubble wraps or packing paper would be required for the few fragile items. However, your household items like clothes, blankets, and, towels are good for wrap your china plates, glass antique showpieces, and, larger items like the pianos.

Pack the Fragile items with extra care. Make sure you pack your fragile items with proper cushioning. Pack them in different boxes to avoid any damage or breakage. Label them “Fragile” so as to distinguish them from other items.

4. Label your packed boxes

Don’t forget to label your packed boxes. Label them roomwise. This will help you identify the packed boxes once you reach your new home. On the outer side of the box, write the list of each box’s contents. Labeling the boxes will help you get a quick access to any of the items that you need to unpack immediately.

5. Hire Professionals

Hire local movers for your move. If you feel you can’t do it on your own, talk to the local Brooklyn Movers. Get the consultation and a written quote along with packing and unpacking services. Ask your movers if they are licensed and have insurance. Ask what experience do they have in moving.

6. Make notes and take pictures before you pack

Before you start packing your stuff, pen down all the stuff that you have, click the pictures of all your items. This will help you sort your items with an ease and will take you out from any guessing game thus making you unpacking game a cinch.

7. Pack “essential boxes” for each of the family members

Pack the things such as tooth-brushes, toothpaste, soaps, pajamas, relaxing clothes, towels, etc., that you would be requiring immediately on reaching your destination, in essential boxes. Pack an essential bag for each family member. Instead of your boxes, you can also use the suitcases. Keep your essential boxes aside where they will not be mixed with other packed boxes. Don’t put them into your moving trucks, put them in your car or the vehicle in which you are traveling.

8. Choose Different Packing for your shoes

Pack your shoes in different boxes other than those you used for packing clothes. Packing them separately will save them from getting damaged. Keep one pair of shoes for your moving day. Carefully label and tape each packed box so you can find everything easily on unpacking.

Follow these tips when you start packing for your move in an efficient manner.

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