Learning the art of Roman Cuisine

Everything about Italy is classic as hell. Be it the language, the culture, its contribution to architecture, art, history, and politics, Italy is my favorite country in the world. Today I write to you about my experience by eating authentic Roman cuisine. I was in Rome for the last two days. My visit to Rome was made possible because of the low-cost airline tickets to Rome I booked from Cheapbestfares. The website has always been my favorite when it comes to grabbing the best flight deals.

Well, coming back to the Roman cuisine, I find the mode of making a proper Roman delicacy no less than art. Roman cuisine is all about four must inclusive food items. One is the cereals; the other is the olive oil, next comes the vegetables and lastly wine. Before I landed in Rome, I researched a lot about the food culture of the eternal city. I happen to realize that I have eaten most of the local Roman food back here in America. But I might have eaten the home version of some of the foods here in Sacramento like the Carbonara pasta which is a huge part of Roman culture. I have eaten a lot of carbonaras but let me tell you, the one I had in Rome, was incomparable. I had Spaghetti Alla Carbonara, and I realized that I was doing Carbonara the wrong way the entire time. I still remember the thick cream refreshing my palettes in just one spoon.

Meat and cheese are two essential items in Roman cuisine. Abbacchio alla Scottadito narrated me the fables of ancient Roman people hunting for the best lamps to feast on the juiciest lamp chops they cooked with just a few herbs, peppers and salts. The same was learned when I had an oxtail stew called the Coda Alla Vaccinara. The most intriguing part about my experience of eating this particular stew was the fact that the stew was chocolate and tomato based. And you have to trust me on this, the chocolate flavor may be very light, but the juicy fatness of pork salami along with onions and garlic was just mouthwatering.

Italians are known for their delicious and sqaured pizzas. Roman too has their very own classic version of Pizza. It’s all about the perfect consistency of the finest dough, juiciest meat & salami, organic olive oil, and fresh herbs. Their crusts are thin with raised edges and happy to be my absolute favorite. Roman pizzas have unconventional flavors as their toppings. On reading the menu, I was a bit enthralled by the combinations of toppings that were offered. However, upon ordering new quintessential pizzas, I realized a pizza must have a lot of cheese and an equal amount of meat as toppings.

Another interesting thing about my Roman food adventure was the Carciofi alla Romana which is Artichokes. This very vegetable is world famous for its delicate taste and boasts a real deal of Roman pride. The dish is fried in perfection with coatings of bread crumbs, mint, parsley, and garlic. The eternal city gave me my favorite Roman cuisine, and I am glad I finally fell in love with Artichokes. Other honorary mention would be Suppli which is a deep-fried rice croquette, and Cacio e Pepe which is a simple pasta with just cheese and pepper.

My gastronomical adventures in Rome was one hell of a journey. With so much cheese, olive oil, wine, and desserts, I really wished I never had to leave Rome. But I have another assignment in Bangkok and for which I leave tomorrow. As always I booked my Bangkok flight tickets with Cheapbestfares because no other website can make my travel really cheap and economical. See you soon in Bangkok with much more adventures and stories on their local cuisines.

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